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One-day Workshop

Business Writing With Heart

Building Relationships And Getting Great Results One Message At A Time

Others will judge you and your organisation every time you speak or write. But very often people think there are two standards here, one for speaking and one for writing. It shouldn’t be that way. What’s important is to put heart in everything you say and everything you write. One language. One voice. Every time.

Clients, colleagues, partners and stakeholders deserve the human touch. They want to work with people who listen, show empathy and inspire confidence, people who make connections and build great relationships. It’s important to do this at every touch point, including in every written message.

In this comprehensive workshop, you will learn some simple, powerful techniques that will transform your email writing skills. You’ll learn to write with heart, and you’ll see how these changes will help you to build better relationships, increase your efficiency, enhance your reputation, and get the right results. Every time.

You discover how these techniques can be applied to anything you write. Whether you’re explaining, convincing or describing a policy, you will learn how to help your reader hear the human voice in all your business messages. You’ll also know how to write messages that get the right reaction and the right response.


  1. Appreciate how similar principles apply when speaking and writing.
  2. Use plain English in all your business emails and other documents.
  3. Identify old-fashioned phrases and language to be avoided.
  4. Use Shirley’s unique heart-based formula for business writing.
  5. Use language that connects, builds relationships, and achieves your goals.
  6. Adopt a reader-centred approach to all your emails.
  7. Use modern business language that is natural, active, courteous and sincere.
  8. Structure messages logically using Shirley’s four-point plan.
  9. Analyse real business emails to improve format, style, language and tone.
  10. Ensure your messages are read, understood, and get the right response.



Small Changes, Big Difference
  • Yesterday or Today? How’s your writing style?
  • Common problems and challenges with today’s writing style
  • Shirley’s heart-based formula for building relationships in every email
  • What difference will a human touch make?
4 Keys to Writing with Heart
  • Avoid redundant phrases
  • Remember the KISS principle
  • Use active instead of passive voice
  • Write as though you are speaking
Planning and Structuring Messages Logically
  • Shirley’s 7-step model to produce well-planned documents
  • Shirley’s 4-point plan to structure all messages effectively
  • Visual appeal, including creating numbered points and bullets
  • Opening and closing handshakes that have heart
Writing and Emotions: Your Tone Counts
  • The 3 Rs of reader-friendly writing
  • How readers often misinterpret tone
  • The impact of using the wrong tone and the right tone
  • Warm or cold? Let’s warm up your email writing
  • Informal doesn’t mean unprofessional