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One-day Workshop

Energise Your Email Writing Skills

Make The Most Of Email And Learn To Write Well To Get The Results You Want

One of the biggest challenges in business has always been to communicate effectively. This has become even more crucial in today’s e-world. Email is undoubtedly the most exciting development in business communication in recent years, and it is an essential and fundamental part of the way businesses work.

When email is used effectively, it can be very powerful indeed. However, the familiarity and convenience of email is resulting in sloppy, careless habits that could ruin your business and your reputation just as surely as any email virus. Poor writing skills could prove costly and annoying, and they can quickly damage a person’s, and a company’s, reputation.

The Internet has made it possible for us to communicate with people from all over the world. Very often, the only way those people can form an opinion of us is by looking at the way we write! So if we are what we write, come along to this powerful one-day workshop and learn how to write well!

A comprehensive workshop to help you make the most of email!


  1. Appreciate the highs and lows of email.
  2. Understand the main problems in composing emails.
  3. Identify old-fashioned phrases and overused jargon commonly used in emails.
  4. Use modern business language when composing emails.
  5. Apply the main rules of good writing to email messages.
  6. Structure email messages logically using Shirley’s 4 Point Plan.
  7. Compose effective emails that will get results.
  8. Improve the tone in email messages.
  9. Improve corporate image through effective emails.
  10. Analyse business emails to improve style/tone/wording/structure.



Don’t Let Email Be Your Weakest Link!
  • Common problems in composing emails today
  • Email vs other communication methods
  • The good, the bad and the ugly of email
  • Make email work for you, not against you
  • Top 10 complaints with email in practice
Steps To Success In Emailing
  • 5 simple steps to planning effective emails
  • The importance of SMART subject lines
  • Perfectly professional prose
  • Practice your positivity
  • Eliminate irritation by using appropriate tone
  • Project a professional image on email
  • Electronic style – looking good online
21st Century E-Writing Rules
  • Business writing yesterday and today
  • Main rules of good business writing
  • Compose CLEAR email messages
  • Respond efficiently and effectively by email
  • Improve relationships through effective email
  • Analyse and improve real email messages
Email Culture
  • Top 10 tips for effective email messages
  • Online netiquette
  • Email do’s and don’ts
  • Sample email messages
  • Questions to ask yourself before you click ‘send’