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Two-day Workshop

Powerful Business Writing Skills

A Popular Two-Day Workshop That Will Transform Your Writing Skills

Most people in business offices today spend approximately 20-25 per cent of their time writing. Yet writing is a skill that few people seek to improve. With so many emails, letters, reports and other documents to write, and with time being an issue, writing effectively can be very demanding. However, the truth is that your writing skills can make a big difference to your efficiency, productivity and career success.

In this hugely popular, comprehensive workshop, Shirley Taylor, best-selling author of many business writing books, will show you some simple but powerful techniques that will help you to write effectively. You will refresh your writing style, and learn Shirley’s unique HEART-based formula for success in all your communications.

You will learn how to organise your words and thoughts in writing, structure your messages logically, present your documents attractively, and improve the format, style, language and tone of all your written messages. When you follow these guidelines, you will transform your writing skills, increase the impact of your writing, and get the right results.

Remember, what you write reflects your company’s image and also gives an impression of you. Shirley will help you make sure it’s a good one!

Don’t miss this highly popular, effective and lively workshop!


  1. Identify the main challenges in today’s business writing.
  2. Appreciate the importance of good punctuation and sentence construction.
  3. Identify old-fashioned phrases and jargon commonly used in writing.
  4. Refresh and update your writing by using modern business language.
  5. Apply the main rules of good business writing, particularly to emails.
  6. Structure messages logically using Shirley’s Four-point plan.
  7. Develop better relationships through effective writing skills.
  8. Analyse real business documents to improve format, style, language and tone.
  9. Apply Shirley’s special HEART-based formula for success in writing.
  10. Ensure your messages are read, understood, remembered, and get results.



Back To Basics To Get The Foundations Right
  • Common challenges in writing today
  • Proper punctuation, to make sure readers understand your message
  • Touching up your grammar and sentence construction
  • Local specialities common in Singapore
Updating Your Writing Style
  • Comparison of yesterday’s and today’s writing style
  • Eliminating old-fashioned language and jargon
  • The 3 R’s of reader-friendly writing
  • The importance of writing as you speak
Five Basic Rules Of Good Writing
  • Use modern language
  • Come straight to the point
  • Remember the KISS principle
  • Use active not passive voice
  • Write as you speak
Polishing Up Your Writing Style
  • Fine-tuning your writing style
  • The benefits of positive instead of negative writing
  • Touching up your tone
  • Transforming your writing from ‘cold’ to ‘warm’
Planning And Structuring Messages Logically
  • The 4Ws of planning business correspondence
  • 7 steps to success in producing great documents
  • Shirley’s 4-point plan for structuring messages
  • In-depth look at openings and closings
  • Creating a visual appeal in your documents
  • Grammatical parallelism when compiling lists