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One-day Workshop

Success Skills For Secretaries And Support Staff

Essential Skills To Increase Your Effectiveness, Efficiency And Enjoyment At Work

It takes years of experience to achieve respect as an indispensable secretary, administrative assistant or support staff member. You need many essential skills if you are to achieve success in business today.

In this practical workshop, you will learn how to handle the demands of your job with assertiveness, confidence and professionalism. You will learn how to communicate well, how to handle difficult people, how to make decisions, how to delegate, how to prioritise, how to manage time and resources, how to handle crises, and how to beat stress.

This comprehensive one-day workshop shows you how to make your working life more productive, more rewarding, more successful and much more enjoyable. Equipped with these skills, you will see how you can open the door to new responsibility, new respect and new status.

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  1. Appreciate the history of the office and the vital role of administrative and support staff.
  2. Identify your strengths and learn the key strengths you need in today’s offices.
  3. Be aware of the principles of good time management.
  4. Understand stress factors and learn how to deal with stress.
  5. Work more effectively through successful communication skills.
  6. Develop good rapport with clients and colleagues.
  7. Use the telephone effectively to enhance the image of your company.
  8. Learn the 5 key skills and attitudes needed for the future.
  9. Learn how to help yourself in this constantly changing world.
  10. Interact with others and network for success.



The Secretary – Past, Present And Future
  • The history of the office
  • The change cycle and you
  • Identify your strengths
  • Top 10 strengths you need today
  • What do you do and where are you going?
Time Management
  • Popular time wasters
  • Deal effectively with interruptions
  • 10 signs that you are living life too quickly
  • 4 steps to manage time effectively
  • A quiz to test your stress levels
  • Minimise pressure and handle stress
Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • 7 C’s of connecting with people
  • First impressions are lasting impressions
  • Build rapport with clients and colleagues
  • The importance of good customer care
  • Use appropriate language
  • 20 golden rules for telephone etiquette
Staying Ahead In A Changing Workplace
  • The evolving role of the secretary – an A-Z
  • What’s in a name? how job titles are changing
  • Top 5 skills and attitudes for the future
  • What does the future hold? Set SMART goals
  • The Super Secretary Success Skills Checklist