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Communication At Work

Apply The Heart-Based Formula For
Effective Communication At Work

“The greatest challenge you face will probably not be the technical side of your job, but rather interacting with other people.”

– Shirley Taylor


Are your staff members more comfortable sending text messages than speaking? Do some employees walk into the office every morning with their head down instead of acknowledging the people around them? Do their emails sound more like cold, stuffy, wooden templates rather than words from human to human?

For all our advancing technology, it’s ironic that the standard of our oral communication is declining so rapidly. But the truth is, excellent communication skills are the most potent skills to develop, both professionally and personally. They are essential not only for organisational health and prosperity, but also for our own morale and wellbeing.

In this session, Shirley will share her unique heart-based formula that will help you and your entire team to be more productive, more supportive, more motivated – and a whole lot happier. She will show you some simple ways that all employees can make a positive difference at work and achieve greater success.

Key points

  • One change you can make that could make a difference to your success
  • The importance of using your heart as well as your head
  • How you can make a positive difference at work
  • How you can be more productive, supportive, motivated and happier
  • Shirley’s 5 keys to success in today’s digital world