Business Writing That Works

Why Your Writing Style May Not Be Working And How To Fix It

“The key to good business writing is to write in a natural style, as if you’re having a conversation.”

– Shirley Taylor


What you write and how you write is very often the first impression of you that people receive? Do your emails create a WOW or a WOE?

We now communicate with people from all over the world, and much of the time the only way people can form an opinion of us is by looking at the way we write. Shirley will show you how to get better results from your writing by communicating with heart!

Shirley Taylor, bestselling author of 12 books on communication and business writing, will make you think twice next time you put your fingers on the keyboard. She’ll share with you 4Ws and the 4Rs that will change the way you communicate, both orally as well as in writing.

Key points

  • Are you writing for yesterday or today?
  • Common criticisms that annoy and confuse readers
  • One key thing that most people are doing in emails that is just not working
  • How the 4Ws and the 4Rs can help you in all your writing
  • How to achieve better results by communicating with heart
  • Three key steps you can take immediately to improve your writing
  • Practical exercises transforming your writing and communicating with heart