Grow Yourself and Your Business By Connecting The Dots

“We organised a leadership conference and invited Shirley Taylor to give a keynote speech that was meant to inspire and motivate the delegates. What Shirley did was beyond expectations. She delivered a presentation that hit all the right notes with memorable takeaways that left an impact. We received praise from delegates who really enjoyed the session.”

Hajar Manaf, Creative Director at Motion, Singapore
(Organisers of leadership conference for Chanel Singapore)

Have you ever wondered why some people manage to climb the ladder of business success so much easier than others? What were their key turning points or critical moments in their lives that turned their destiny into something greater than they had ever hoped?

Steve Jobs, who dropped out of school but went on to become the brains behind Apple, famously said we can’t connect the dots looking forward. We can only connect the dots looking back!

In this interactive session, Shirley will take you on an inspirational journey as she connects the dots on her own pathway of professional and personal success – and yes, she will bring her dots with her! In looking back at her significant turning points, Shirley will share some humorous and heart-warming stories as she reveals key lessons that have helped her to grow.

Together, you will then ‘connect the dots’ to reveal the common elements that took her from secretary in Sheffield to trainer in Singapore and to trusted global speaker.

Key points

  • Key turning points along my journey and the lessons learned
  • The importance of looking back to plan forward
  • Moving out of your comfort zone into the potential zone
  • How helping others to rise helps your own growth
  • Cultivating collaboration and connections
  • New essentials for workplace success in our high-tech world