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People Skills For Every Day Of The Week

Are you a people person? It may surprise you, but there is only one answer: Yes! People skills are required in every aspect of your life, from personal or professional relationships and networking, to getting along with your in-laws during the holidays. How you use these skills is what sets you apart, or not! If you want to let the light shine on you in the office, at meetings, or during Christmas dinner, you need to develop great people skills.

Whether you are a little shy or a social butterfly, we could always work on our people skills. We are continuously meeting different personalities and we always need to develop our abilities to communicate with people. Have you felt the thrill of truly connecting with someone who was a stranger just a moment ago?

Improving your people skills has endless personal and professional benefits, making it one of the most important assets you can develop. So why wait any longer? Here are five techniques for improving your people skills, one for each day of the week:

Monday: Smile and be positive. It’s so simple yet, for some, so difficult. Remember Peter Pan’s ‘happy thought’? Well, come up with your own. It may be an upcoming holiday, goals you are working for, your kitty or your kids. Think about your ‘happy thought’ when ever you need a pick-me-up to keep you smiling, energetic and in a positive mindset.

Tuesday: Use the other person’s name. When speaking with someone, whether it is an old colleagues or new potential client, use their first name in a casual way. For example, instead of saying “that’s a great idea,” try “that’s a great idea, Bob.” It acknowledges what the person said and makes the conversation more personal. It will also help you remember new names!

Wednesday: Use eye contact. Now this is a tricky one that most people will want to skip over. I am telling you, don’t. It one of the most basic and important social interactions. For starters, I suggest picking one eye and focusing on it for a few seconds frequently. Do this in a comfortable, casual manner. It may feel weird to you, but it has a big, positive impact on the other person.

Thursday: Listen! It’s true that people love talking about themselves. And part of powerful people skills is learning to listen. Try to go through an entire conversation without talking about yourself. It is odd how challenging this can be. Instead, ask the speaker questions and show a keen interest. You will walk away from the conversation richer for having got to know someone better and making their day by truly listening to them.

Friday: Practice makes… all the difference (perfection is very rare). Get out there and interact. Meeting new people can be enlightening and invigorating. Conversations can be memorable and life-changing. You will improve your people skills only by practicing them, so take opportunities you would normally pass up. Start a conversation with the taxi driver or the neighbour who just moved in. With people come opportunities, so just get out there and enjoy connecting with your fellow humans.

Now, this timetable is just a suggestion. You can choose to work on one of these techniques for as long as you need. You will see that each skill gets easier and more natural with time. And remember to relax! The ability to interact, communicate and connect is one of the greatest joys on this earth, so enjoy it. Good luck on your path to developing positive people skills.

Good luck on your path to developing positive people skills.

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