Shirley’s Online Virtual Training

Business Writing That Works

Leading authority on business writing and communication skills, Shirley Taylor is now able to work with you one-on-one as your personal virtual coach.

Based on Shirley’s international bestselling books, this online virtual training program ‘Business Writing that Works’ will help you to communicate clearly using plain English.

Shirley has personally designed this program so you enjoy a wonderfully interactive, engaging and rewarding online learning experience. ‘Virtual Shirley’ will work with you step-by-step to help you craft clear, concise messages that build great relationships and achieve better results.

Join Shirley for a tour around this sophisticated platform. See how Shirley can work with you one-on-one.

Take a look inside this user-friendly platform, learn about the tracking and reporting features, and much more.

Business Organisations? For as little as US$16 a month, you can have Shirley on demand working one-on-one with your whole team. Plus your administrators and supervisors will be able to track and monitor your team’s progress using our extended reporting features.

Reduce Time Writing • Get Results From Your Writing
Strengthen Customer Loyalty • Increase Productivity
Build Great Relationships • Boost Your Brand

You are just a few clicks away from having Shirley work with you,
or every member of your team, to help you:

  • Learn step-by-step how to craft clear, concise messages
  • Use language that connects, builds trust, and earns respect
  • Write in a natural, friendly language, very similar to spoken communication
  • Win customer loyalty and strengthen relationships
  • Spend less time writing, and free up time to do other things
  • Boost your brand and impress stakeholders