Shirley’s Virtual Training Program:
Business Writing That Works

Benefits Of This Program


This is a fully-functional, wonderfully interactive, video-based virtual training program. It’s the perfect addition to your company-wide live training. It will totally ensure transfer of learning, effectiveness of learning, and practice of the lessons learnt.

User-friendly Platform

There is nothing in the market that compares to the platform we have used for this virtual training system. This is the ultimate all-in-one interactive virtual training system. It’s easy to use, with no learning curve.

Experience that Counts

All scripts and video-based interactive sessions have been created by Shirley Taylor to complement her books and her training style. Participants will get exactly the same training wherever they are, whenever they wish – any time, anywhere, any device.


Each course and each chapter is loaded with fun learning experiences that are innovative and interactive. It is this interactivity and repetition that will reinforce the learning, and this will lead to lasting change.


Progressive interactive testing at the end of each chapter will ensure effective learning and retention.

Trackable Reporting

Forward-thinking, trackable reporting tools help you to keep track of who’s doing what, when they do it, and how they are doing.

Motivation and Change for your Entire Team

Working with Shirley Taylor VT 24/7 for an entire year will ensure that the principles and strategies taught in Business Writing that Works will become part of your organisation’s culture.