Shirley’s Virtual Training Program:
Business Writing That Works

Program Contents

Program 1: Getting Your Message Across Effectively

Course 1: 21st Century Business Writing (35 min)
  1. Let the Transformation Begin
  2. Consider Your Reader When You Write
  3. When To Speak To People, Not Machines
  4. Communicating with HEART
  5. Common Criticisms of Today’s Writing
  6. One Final Thought
Course 2: Good Foundations (52 min)
  1. Getting Back to Basics
  2. Key Uses of the Commas
  3. Combining Sentences
  4. Apostrophes Made Simple
  5. Semi Colons And Colons – Not Just For Smileys!
  6. A Simple Guide to Hyphens and Dashes
Course 3: The Importance of Plain English (32 min)
  1. Get Straight to the Point
  2. FYA & Other Language to Avoid
  3. Get Things Done by Focusing on Action Words
  4. Little Things That Cause Big Problems
  5. Putting It All Together
Course 4: The New Rules for Written Communication (42 min)
  1. Business Writing Over the Years
  2. Use Simple Words and Short Sentences
  3. Focus on Active Not Passive Language
  4. Write Naturally and Sincerely
  5. If You Wouldn’t Say It, Don’t Write It!
Course 5: Email – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly! (36 min)
  1. Seven Deadly Sins of Email
  2. Lazy Habits on Email and How To Avoid Them
  3. Subject Lines, Openings and Closings
  4. Creating Electronic Rapport
  5. Email @ Work

Program 2: Powerful Tools To Get Great Results

Course 1: Planning and Structuring Your Writing (35 min)
  1. The Importance of Planning and Structuring
  2. Planning Your Writing With the 4 W’s
  3. The 7-Step Process to PRODUCE Great Messages
  4. Shirley’s 4-Point Plan to Structure Messages Logically
  5. Opening and Closing Handshakes
Course 2: Looking Good Is Important – In Writing Too! (35 min)
  1. Formatting for Maximum Readability
  2. Paragraphs and Sections
  3. Fonts & Styles
  4. Creating Lists with Numbers and Bullets
  5. Putting It All Together to Look Great
Course 3: Email and Emotions: Your Tone Counts! (36 min)
  1. Don’t Write at Me In That Tone of Voice
  2. How Readers Misinterpret Tone
  3. Is Your Writing Warm or Cold?
  4. The Power of Positive Language
  5. Informal Does Not Mean Unprofessional
Course 4: Six Formulas for Written Messages (45 min)
  1. Request for Information
  2. Reply to a Request for Information
  3. Good News Messages
  4. Bad News Messages
  5. Making a Complaint
  6. Replying to a Complaint
Course 5: Writing Challenging Messages (38 min)
  1. Writing Reminders Without Rudeness
  2. Saying ‘No’ Nicely
  3. Apologising Appropriately
  4. Following Up Effectively
  5. Persuasive Messages