Shirley’s Training Reviews

Powerful Business Writing Skills

“I want to really thank you for the super fun Business Writing course at BNP. I can very confidently rave that it’s been the most fun course I’ve attended, and I really learnt a whole lot from you. With the ‘Bin cheat sheet’ you gave us, I’m proud to say those words have long been crossed out of my email dictionary, yahoo! Thank you for that and for the extremely helpful book too.”

Si Qi, BNP Paribas


“I just have to tell you how impressed I was with you when I attended the two-day course on Power Up Your Business Writing Skills. I have attended many courses for the last 5 years. Very often, these courses were dull and uninteresting. In order to relieve the boredom, I would end up reading comics or story books in those classes. It was different with your lecture. The class was filled with laughter and everyone was eager to participate actively. Shirley, you are such an interesting teacher.”

Mark Richman, Senior Consultant at the Prime Minister’s Office, InfoComm Development Authority of Singapore (iDA)


“Shirley was very engaging and knowledgeable. Learned a lot and would definitely recommend to my colleagues. Biggest takeaway – you don’t have to be old-fashioned to sound polite and professional.”

Melody Tham, GIC


“The workshop was conducted in a lively and engaging manner. There was not a moment that I felt bored.”

Chang Mu Thong, Operations Executive, Cmarine Services Pte Ltd


“Shirley has made the class so lively that it is so hard for us to lose focus. She shared many of her interesting life experiences and we can better understand how the world has changed in communication.”

Jenna Goh, Consulting Assistant, Hay Group Pte Ltd


“Shirley is a great trainer and she is truly passionate about her job. The workshop was lively and engaging.”

Phyllis Ng, Senior Administrator, International SOS


“Shirley is a good speaker. I enjoyed her workshop very much. I found the 2 days too short! Making it 3 days would be great because Shirley is fabulous!”

Jasmine, AGC Chemicals


“Shirley made an effort to keep the participants involved. She is very interesting and fun-loving. Glad that she is our trainer.”

Pei Ling, Temasek Holdings


“Thank you so much for coming by to conduct the workshop for us over the past 2 days. I had a blast! I have benefited greatly from the workshop and have already started telling my colleagues about what I have learnt from you. I will most definitely refer you to my friends and business associates.”

Terence Tan, Head, Corporate Accounts, Comfort Driving Centre Pte Ltd, Singapore


“You have done well. I have learnt a lot during the 2-days. I will definitely recommend this course to all my colleagues. The course is really interesting and I will recommend modern writing skills to my office. Thanks, once again! I enjoyed myself.”

Winston Au, Head Air Traffic Services, CAAS, Singapore


“A very exciting and refreshing way of using English/writing better business letters.”

Foo Wai Cheng, Secretary, Mastercard International


“The whole 2-day training was very captivating. This is probably the only training in which I did not doze off. There was lots of interaction and good discussion”

Steven Lim, Training Supt, Chevron Oronite Pte Ltd, Singapore


“I have learned how to write better business letters, and what errors to look for. I have really enjoyed myself in this seminar. Do keep me informed of other seminars conducted by Shirley.”

Jenny Loo, Operations Assistant, Wah Yuen Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd, Singapor


“The most meaningful training I have attended, with the most ‘takeaways’!”

Lynn Wong Yoke Liang, Coca-Cola Singapore Beverages Pte Ltd


“It is fun. Very different from the other workshops I have attended. Participation was very good.”

Belinda Yeo, CIMB Securities Pte Ltd


“Wonderful. The best workshop I have ever attended. The trainer is very humorous.”

Yulin, Singapore Prison Services


“Shirley conducted the workshop in a lively and interactive way. Her high energy level had boosted the class spirit.”

Joanna Tan, Koher Power Systems


“I learnt that in replying to customer’s feedback and emails, learn to pronounce in full and not to take short cuts. It was effective learning in a fun way.”

Doris, Ikano Pte Ltd


“It helped me to improve other people’s impression of me as they will see me based on what I write.”

Ng Shi Yuan, CAAS


“This workshop helped me learn to use the points given by the trainer to write and communicate effectively so that we will be understood.”

Mary G.P, DSTA


“Shirley’s bubbly personality livens-up the session all the time. The books and the hands-on exercise give me a good kick-start to improve my writing skills. Thanks.”

Daryl Lim, Singapore Polytechnic


“It was a truly entertaining and fulfilling experience.”

Abdul Aziz, Ikano Pte Ltd


“Thank you Shirley for bring back my enthusiasm in writing good letters and emails. You are a fantastic trainer.”

Suguna Ramasamy, Senior Assistant Director, Home Team Academy


“It was very informative, useful, practical and definitely a “Must Attend”.”

Miki Khoo, Senior Societe Generate

Energise Your Email Writing Skills

“The tips and pointers are very relevant and easy to grasp. I can apply them tomorrow! The trainer is fun and engaging. It is hard to fall asleep, considering writing skills could be quite boring. Well done!

Teresa Wang, CPF


“Shirley was so warm and forthcoming with stories of examples of mistakes made writing emails. She highlighted on the pros and cons of grammar usage, language, tone. Keep the good work and help liberate writing as a fun and enjoyable experience.”

Margaret Santa Maria, Walt Disney


“Good interaction between speaker and participants.”

Ng Guat Lei Angie, SPRING Singapore


“Cheerful, lively, not a dull moment. We learnt up-to-date information.”

Doris Lim, Sembcorp Industrial Parks Ltd


“Shirley has been great keeping the class alive with her humour!”

Esther Chua, Merrill Lynch Global Services


“The magic of converting a boring subject into a lively, exciting, interesting and educational experience.”

Maria Kassova, Rose Sky Pte Ltd


“I enjoyed the interactive, fun, lively sessions between Shirley and the participants where she pointed out the flaws we make in our common email conversations. She gave a different fresh new aspect in modern email writing. Shirley has been brilliant in coaching this session.”

Lim Min Quan, Singapore Tourism Board


“Hi Shirley
I thoroughly enjoyed myself at your workshop and, of course, have learned many things from you. I will use what I have learned in my letters and emails. In this way, my communication with my customers and colleagues will be more concise and clear. I will definitely visit your website more frequently so that I can read any new articles you may post in the future. Meanwhile, I wish you success in all your future seminars/workshops.”

Ow Seng Kiat, Development Manager, Marine, Aviva General Insurance Pte Ltd, Singapore


“We enjoyed your half-day workshop very much. It was a very good time of learning from you – thanks for making it so lively! Many of my colleagues told me they benefited a lot even though it’s just a short session. The materials were relevant and went straight to the point. It was worth waking up early on a Saturday morning!”

Chan Li San, Human Resource, Aviva General Insurance Pte Ltd, Singapore


“The trainer captivated my attention from the very beginning. In most of the previous seminars that I had attended, I felt sleepy and even dropped off half-way, but Shirley managed to keep the session alive with her witty jokes and experienced delivery of the topics.”

Christine Pereira, IBM Opus


“Just a note to say a big thank you for the exciting in-house workshop that our Golden Village team attended! I can spot the change in their writing style already!”

Irene Tan, Training Manager, Golden Village Multiplex Pte Ltd, Singapore

Success Skills for Secretaries and Support Staff

“Shirley, you are great. This is the best workshop I have ever attended.”

Angela Ong, Senior Secretary, ST Architects & Engineering


“I enjoyed Shirley Taylor as a trainer. She is very sharp, humorous and engaging.”

Dawn Ou, Admin Assistant, Trinity Methodist Church


“Shirley Taylor was very good with her presentation skills. She really knows her facts.”

Yvonne Chin, SMRT Corp Ltd


“I love the tone of voice and the accent of the trainer, Shirley. Very comforting and enjoyable. Very comprehensive notes/information provided. Nice seating arrangements. Many perks.”



“This has reaffirmed what I should do to improve myself at work. Been reminded to work more positively and better.”

Calin Chong, Executive Secretary, Infowave Pte Ltd


“I enjoyed Shirley’s real-life experiences and knowledge. She’s cheerful and was able to make the workshop lively. The workshop is very enjoyable. Keep it up!”

Faridah Taib, Higher Clerical Officer, NIE


“This workshop is very interesting, giving more knowledge for secretaries and PAs.”

Patricia Nin Lisawati, Secretary to MD, PT Indosat, Indonesia


“The trainer is very inspiring with her experiences, showing that with positive attitude you can make anything happen. Face ourselves, recognise our strengths and weaknesses and work on them. Step out of your comfort zone and make things possible.”

Siew Eng, Clerical Officer, IE Singapore


“This is a very interactive session and all topics are relevant to my daily work.
Shirley really helps to make this workshop very enjoyable!”

Melissa Ng, Hilton International


“I am a very quiet person and your workshop forced me to communicate with the rest. I really enjoyed myself and just a little push that I needed.”

Ariana, School of the Arts, Singapore


“Shirley Taylor was excellent in her presentation skills. I was able to follow her throughout the session. This workshop will help me to improve my communication, interpersonal and stress and time management skills.”

Jayanthie, National Security Coordination Secretariat

Communication: Your Key to Success

“I thoroughly enjoyed the one-day workshop which helps me to better understand the fundamentals of being a great communicator. Shirley is an outstanding and inspiring presenter cum communicator. Thanks so much for conducting such an exhilarating workshop.”

Harry Foo, Senior Lecturer, Nanyang Polytechnic


“Finally I managed to attend your communication workshop today. I liked how it was organized and the fun way it was conducted. Your workshop was thorough and elegant down to the last detail. And it went really deep with me.”

Yang Wang, Senior Applications Scientist, Nanometrics Singapore


“Shirley’s enthusiasm and humour is fantastically amazing and entertaining. No falling asleep in this workshop!”

Low Ying Wai, Logistics Administrator, SABIC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd


“OMG!! This is the most superb and enjoyable seminar I’ve ever attended. Very educational and so many takeaways that I can put into practice immediately.”

Sulastri Yusorh, Assistant Manager, Allianz SE Reinsurance