Why Shirley?

Widely-regarded as an expert in her field, Shirley is a high-energy, high-content speaker and trainer who educates, inspires, informs and motivates individuals to develop better relationships both orally and in writing.

With her friendly, down-to-earth style, she has a unique way of engaging with the audience, and is passionate about helping people commit to change. Audience members quickly see and share her passion and enthusiasm, and are motivated to use her strategies back at the workplace.

Here are some more reasons why Shirley is the right choice for your event:

  • Shirley knows how to connect with any audience.
  • She immediately engages them with relevant stories and interaction.
  • She gives real examples and discusses practical scenarios that people can relate to.
  • She offers proven and practical tools for improving communication, which people will be able to use immediately.
  • She tailors the message to your industry or organisation so that people can immediately apply what they have learned.
  • She has a real understanding of the challenges that people are facing, based on her experience in corporate and academic environments.
  • She inspires people to take positive action to make a commitment to change.