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Rock Your Role

How To Make A Difference In The Digital Workforce

“Shirley, your keynote ‘Rock Your Role – How to Make a Difference at Work’ was well received with positive feedback. You were of high energy and engaging as always. The connecting the dots segment made everyone self-reflect, and the video was inspiring. Of course, the best part was your customised EZ-Link rap, and our colleagues are asking if you can give us a copy so that they can refer to when they need an energy booster. Thanks very much again for the excellent session. We look forward to our continual partnership with you in the future.”

Georgina Chung, Human Resources, EZ-Link Pte Ltd, Singapore

In our constantly changing, increasingly technological world, most people feel pressed for time and pushed for results. So what will your future success depend on? How can you make a real difference in the digital workplace?

Shirley will suggest that the secret of success is not how hardworking you are, how many qualifications you have, or how many courses you attend. The secret is much simpler!

This will be a very fun, motivating session, and Shirley will get everyone involved and engaged right from the start. She will encourage everyone to use her unique heart-based formula and her 5 keys to success to start making a more positive difference today and every day. This energising session could completely transform the way you work, as well as the results and success you achieve.

Participants will be encouraged to reflect on action needed, and steps needed to help them achieve their transformation. They will leave the session inspired to reinvent themselves and really rock their roles.

Key points

  • Key insights from my own personal story (From Secretary to CEO)
  • The importance of challenging and changing your mindset
  • How can you rock your role at work?
  • How to really make a difference at work
  • Everything starts with small steps – start today
  • Everyone counts – change starts with you!
  • Shirley’s 5 keys to success in today’s digital world

A tiny taster from Shirley’s keynote ‘Rock Your Role In The Digital Workplace’

Here’s Shirley sharing step 3 of her 5 keys to success