Rock Your Role

How To Make A Difference In The Workplace

“If someone offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then figure out how later.”

– Richard Branson

What is the secret to success? Is it really such a secret? Isn’t everyone’s goal to be successful, and if so, what does our success depend on?

Shirley will suggest that the secret of success is not how hardworking you are, how many qualifications you have, or how many courses you attend. The secret is much simpler! You will see how you can transform your life from the ordinary to the extraordinary by adding just one essential ingredient.

In this interactive, fun session, Shirley will share with you some simple ways that will help you to make a positive difference and achieve greater success, today and every day. This eye-opening session with Shirley could completely change the way you work, as well as the results and success you achieve.

Key points

  • Key insights from my own personal story (From Secretary to CEO)
  • The importance of challenging and changing your mindset
  • How can you rock your role at work?
  • How to really make a difference at work
  • Everything starts with small steps – start today
  • Everyone counts – change starts with you!
  • Shirley’s 5 keys to success in today’s digital world

Here’s Shirley sharing step 3 of her 5 keys to success