“Our annual meeting went well, and your stellar presentation “Rock Your Role: Everyone can make a difference whatever your title” partly contributed to that success. Thanks for driving that message home to the team in a fun and engaging way. Our team members enjoyed your talk tremendously.

It has been lovely working with you on this. Thank you for customising the content for our audience, and customising the materials with our corporate colours and elements. Your Quick Reference Guide came as an additional surprise, and will be a helpful reminder to the team.

You definitely delighted the audience! You epitomise ‘making a positive difference’!”

Dr. Jerry Chng, APAC Medical Affairs Head, Kyowa Kirin Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
“Shirley’s training around simplifying written communication to make it clear, personable and focused has received the most positive feedback for any external training we have ever run for our support staff. I regularly hear about how this has changed the way my colleagues write. The really practical, hands-on and engaging manner of her workshops cemented the learning and quickly developed confidence. Highly recommend!”
Claire Firat, Head of Professional Learning & Development, UWC South East Asia
“It was great working with Shirley when she conducted her virtual keynote Connecting the Dots to Inspire the Leader in You for our 800+ audience in Malaysia. Shirley’s session was brimming with insights, infectious with great persona, and she created a positive long-lasting impact. She’s a great motivator!”
Glory Liu, Project Manager, Shell SBOKL, Malaysia

“I recently had the good fortune to be able to see Shirley Taylor live on stage in Singapore. She is an incredible speaker, and it’s not just because she has amazing skills to inspire, entertain and educate her audience, but when she speaks on stage you have a sense that she has a real heart. Shirley connects on a very emotional level with her audience, with huge humanity. I also know she’s an incredible coach and trainer. She’s helping the next generation of the people climbing up in their organisations and maybe making that change in their lives, change in their careers, to reach their full potential.

I’m a huge fan of Shirley, and if you’re considering bringing her in to work with her as a speaker or a trainer, I would highly recommend her.”

James Taylor, Keynote Speaker on Business Creativity, Innovation and Artificial Intelligence

“Thank you for an awesome presentation at AmCham Singapore on May 15. Everyone attending the event was singing your praises! Your presentation “Rock Your Role in Our A.I. World” was timely and on target to help attendees better deal with the current challenges and changes of their role in the future. Sure, AI might be taking over the world, but a human touch is still needed! The practical concepts and tools you shared will be easy to remember and apply, not just professionally but personally as well.

It is really amazing to see the change in attitude in the individuals who attended the session. “Please keep us informed if there’s any more of Shirley’s events” and “I want to come again next year” have been some of the words we received. The attendees were not prepared for your enthusiasm and energy. You had them laughing, smiling and participating all the way. Once again, the knowledge, information, and enthusiasm you shared really had an impact on our attendees. You left them begging for more.”

Nathan Sivarajah, Corporate Events Manager, AmCham Singapore
“I’ve known Shirley Taylor from the speaking world for years – she’s very respected as a leader there. I’ve actually never seen her speak, but today WOW! I’ve been leading two groups of speakers with six people in each group. And today through Shirley’s presentation I was taking notes through the whole thing about things I want to teach them that Shirley was demonstrating. Shirley’s creativity in teaching in a way that makes it interesting and gets the audience involved in very gentle interactive ways was AMAZING! I am so impressed with this woman’s work.”
Jana Stanfield, Humorous Keynote Speaker and Songwriter
“Shirley, your keynote ‘Rock Your Role – How to Make a Difference at Work’ was well received with positive feedback. You were of high energy and engaging as always. The connecting the dots segment made everyone self-reflect and the video was inspiring. Of course, the best part was your customised EZ-Link rap, and our colleagues are asking if you can give us a copy so that they can refer to when they need an energy booster. Thanks very much again for the excellent session. We look forward to our continual partnership with you in the future.”
Georgina Chung, Human Resources, EZ-Link Pte Ltd, Singapore
“Shirley is an inspiration who helps audiences believe they can, and then provides them with the skills and tools to do it. Her communication training is always innovative, always impactful, always comprehensive and always, always fun. Her keynotes are equally engaging, thoughtful and story-driven so audiences connect beyond the concepts to a deeper emotional level where action eventuates. And her passion for taking care of her clients and delivering extraordinary outcomes is world-class. Shirley embodies the human difference. I love her to bits, and you will too.”
Tim Wade, Global Motivational Speaker on Leading Change and Increasing Motivation
motion organised a leadership conference and invited Shirley Taylor to give a keynote speech that was meant to inspire and motivate the delegates. What Shirley did was beyond expectations. She delivered a presentation that hit all the right notes with memorable takeaways that left an impact. We received praises from delegates who really enjoyed the session.”
Hajar Manaf, Creative Director at motion - the creative influence

“Thank you for your delivering your one-hour keynote ‘Rock Your Role In The Digital Workplace’ for our quarterly event. I’m very happy that your session went really well! Your humour and liveliness appealed to many and it was a joy to have you speak. With our tagline including ‘Human Touch’, it’s so great that you stress the importance of the human touch in all your workshops and keynotes. We must have you back again soon.”

Eileen Lee, Senior Administrator, Sales & Marketing and Assistance Services, Asia, International SOS

“From the moment I first met Shirley and her team, I knew that I had found the right person to deliver training to our admin team. Shirley was extremely positive and flexible in working with me to design and tweak her training material to the needs of our business. Shirley went out of her way to meet the demands of the additional content we wanted to squeeze into our day.

With an excellent public speaking presence and demeanour, Shirley had us all eating out the palm of her hand. She comfortably breaks the ice for anyone who is hesitant or nervous to attend training or uncomfortable in large groups. No one will feel out of place in her training as it is very inclusive, designed to be fun, enjoyable and most of all, you will learn plenty. I would highly recommend Shirley to anyone wanting to conduct their own in-house training program.”

Jemma Norton, Group Procurement Manager, Surbana Jurong Pte Ltd, Singapore

“I have had the pleasure and honour of working with Shirley and her team on many training initiatives. She is respectful, kind, positive and trustworthy. I have always found her to be highly capable, professional, energetic, and personable in all of her interactions with our trainers and clients. Besides her expertise in facilitating, presenting, designing, and developing actual workshops, she is a fantastic networker and has truly global reach. I am very happy to call her my friend as well as my colleague.”

Andrea Limbach, CEO, Rae Cook & Associates, USA

“Shirley Taylor is a class act and full of enthusiasm. She is a great teacher and motivator. If you are considering her for one of your events, you can’t go wrong! I don’t say that about many speakers.”

Darren LaCroix, 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking

“Shirley is a great communicator. Not only that, she knows how to help people become better communicators themselves. She brings her wealth of experience to her training courses and speeches, which she delivers in a high-energy, very effective style. I recommend her most highly for any type of communication training. She is superb.”

Alan Stevens, Reputation specialist, 2010-11 President, Global Speakers Federation

“Shirley is the heart and soul of a conference. She is motivating, fun and inspirational as a speaker and as an organiser. We both spoke at a conference in Singapore and London and Shirley got the room rocking and highly motivated to learn and helped them remember what they learned with some great exercises.”

Sue France, Motivational speaker for secretaries, PAs and EAs.

“Shirley was engaging and full of energy throughout the entire session! There was a good balance of learning and laughter and she gave good examples to bring across her points. Shirley knows how to keep her audience engaged by making them participate in her session. Everyone who attended gave positive feedback.”

Muhammad Fareez, Assistant Manager, Health Science Authority