Powerful Business Writing Skills

Shirley’s Signature Workshop That Will Transform The Way You Write

Business writing is an essential skill for everyone. Everything we do at work involves writing, whether it’s an instant message, a letter, a report, or one of the 270 billion (yes, billion!) emails we collectively send each day.

Yet very often writers become different people when they put their fingers on the keyboard. They become unusually formal, writing long-winded sentences, and lengthy paragraphs with repetitive waffle. Readers are left searching for the key messages and action points.

In Shirley’s signature programme, you’ll learn some simple but powerful techniques that will help you structure all types of writing logically, and craft messages with the reader and the outcome in mind.

This programme is packed with learning that will transform your writing skills. We’ll cover different types of emails, longer documents like reports, as well as short messages. There will be lots of practical work too on improving the format, style, language and tone of all your written messages. And you’ll have some fun too, because learning should be fun!

Key Components

Reader-Focused Email Writing

  • Challenges in writing for today’s online world
  • Common errors that confuse readers, and how to fix them
  • Are you writing for 2020 or 1920?
  • Woe or Wow? A fun game to find out what works and what doesn’t
  • What is Plain English and why is it important
  • Punctuation matters – to you and your reader
  • Analyse and improve real business documents

Writing Style And Tone

  • How do readers really feel about your messages?
  • How to craft simple, clear, concise messages
  • The key principles of great business writing
  • Getting your tone right say the right thing in the right way
  • The benefits of positive instead of negative writing
  • How to make a human difference in everything you write

Why Structure Is So Critical

  • Key steps to success in planning your messages
  • Help yourself and your reader with logical structure
  • Shirley’s 4-point planTM to structure emails logically
  • Useful tips for compiling lists, and why you must
  • What’s your point? Focusing on the key messages
  • Practical exercises reviewing and transforming real messages

Writing Longer Documents

  • Simple, effective, easy-to-scan structures for reports
  • Help your readers see main points clearly and concisely
  • The importance of bottom-line first
  • Composing sub-headings that make an impact
  • Chunking information into bullets or lists
  • Summarising information clearly

Writing Short Messages

  • SMS or email? When to use and when not to use?
  • How to make every word count in instant messages
  • Crafting text messages that drive readers to take action
  • Best practices with instant messages
  • Practical activities writing and exchanging messages
Model Business Letters, Emails and Other Business Documents (7th Edition)

With over half a million copies sold worldwide, and translations into 17 languages, this book has firmly established itself as the definitive guide to clear and effective business writing. The seventh edition of this popular book contains all the help you need to put the key rules of good business writing into action, including practical advice on language, structure and style, plus over 300 sample documents, and over 100 useful tips for better business writing.

“If you want to give yourself an edge in this very competitive world, you must get to grips with effective writing now.”
Shirley Taylor