Email Writing With Heart

How To Craft Reader-friendly Messages That Get The Right Results

Email writing is a crucial skill that everyone needs today. However, too many young people arrive in the workplace never having been taught how to write effective emails. Similarly, some people with many years in the workplace have not learned the essentials of this important skill.

With so many emails to write and time being an issue, writing effectively can be very demanding. But the truth is your writing skills can make a big difference to your efficiency, productivity and career success.

In Shirley’s popular workshop, you’ll learn all the essentials of writing emails that your reader wants to read, and structuring your message so the action points are clear.

This interactive workshop is packed with learning as well as practical work to improve the format, style, language and tone of all your written messages. And you’ll have some fun too, because learning should be fun!

Get ready to transform your email writing skills, increase the impact of your writing, and make every email count!

Key Components

Reader-Focused Email Writing

  • Challenges in writing for today’s online world
  • Common errors that confuse readers, and how to fix them
  • Are you writing for 2022 or 1922?
  • Woe or Wow? A fun game to find out what works and what doesn’t
  • What is Plain English and why is it important?
  • Punctuation matters – to you and your reader
  • Analyse and improve real business documents

Style And Structure: The Backbone Of Effective Writing

  • How to craft simple, clear, concise messages.
  • Help yourself and your reader with logical structure
  • Shirley’s 4-point plan™ to structure emails logically
  • The importance of tone and punctuation
  • How to make a human difference in everything you write
  • Practical exercises reviewing and transforming business emails
Email Essentials: How to Write Effective Emails and Build Great Relationships One Message at a Time

Email Essentials was recently the #2 bestseller in the USA for publishers Marshall Cavendish International.

This book is an invaluable guide to crafting clear, effective emails for any situation. Shirley provides step-by-step guidelines, sample emails and useful formulas that will help you write a variety of different types of emails.

“No matter how much we love technology, we must never forget the importance of the human touch. In our writing too!”

Shirley Taylor