“motion organised a leadership conference and invited Shirley Taylor to give a keynote speech that was meant to inspire and motivate the delegates. What Shirley did was beyond expectations. She delivered a presentation that hit all the right notes with memorable takeaways that left an impact. We received praises from delegates who really enjoyed the session.”

Hajar Manaf
Creative Director at motion - the creative influence
Shirley Taylor
Certified Speaking Professional
Professional Speaker and Trainer
“Shirley is a great communicator. Not only that, she knows how to help people become better communicators themselves. She brings her wealth of experience to her training courses and speeches, which she delivers in a high-energy, very effective style. I recommend her most highly for any type of communication training. She is superb.”

Alan Stevens
President 2010-11, Global Speakers Federation
Shirley Taylor
International Best-Selling Author
“No matter how much we love our technology, we must never forget the importance of the human touch.”

Shirley Taylor
“Shirley was engaging and full of energy throughout the entire session! There was a good balance of learning and laughter and she gave good examples to bring across her points. Shirley knows how to keep her audience engaged by making them participate in her session. Everyone who attended gave positive feedback.”

Muhammad Fareez
Assistant Manager, Health Science Authority
Business Writing That Works
Helping you communicate with heart!


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