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I’m passionate about helping individuals and organisations to write clear, well-structured, reader-friendly messages that improve efficiency and get the right results.

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Most people today spend approximately 20-25 per cent of their time writing. Email and business writing skills have never before been so crucial. However, studies reveal that many messages are unclear, confusing, and long-winded.

As a result, workers are losing hours reading messages, missing key information, wasting time and making errors.

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Effective communication and business writing have been my passion for over 30 years. I’ve worked with hundreds of organisations and thousands of individuals helping them to write clearly and concisely. In turn, this enhances everyone’s productivity, efficiency, and results.

Here’s what two participants said:

“Thank you Shirley for bringing back my enthusiasm for writing good letters and emails. You are a fantastic trainer.”

Senior Assistant Director, Singapore

“OMG! This is the most superb and enjoyable training I’ve ever attended. Very educational and so many takeaways that I can use immediately.”

Assistant Manager, Malaysia

If you or your team members are experiencing any of these challenges, I would love to help you:

  • Your team’s emails are often vague, confusing, and long-winded
  • People are spending too long on the writing process
  • You are not receiving the right responses to your emails
  • There is a lot of ding-dong going on, with back-and-forth emails
  • You want to bring everyone in line using the same style and voice
  • Writing in your organisation is often unclear and long-winded
  • Writers often don’t know where to start, and readers are confused

I would love to work with you

I can provide email and business writing training in a variety of formats, for example:

  • 90-minute learn-at-lunch session

  • Half-day, one-day or two-day live training

  • Interactive virtual training
  • 90-120 minute session
  • Half-day session
  • One-day session
Download my 2021 catalogue

Here are outlines of two of my most popular programmes.

Email Writing With Heart
Powerful Business Writing Skills

Check out the comprehensive content I cover in each one, then let’s discuss your specific challenges. I’ll work with you to customise a programme to meet your requirements.

Let’s chat

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I’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can work together.

Shirley Taylor