Rock Your Role In Our High-Tech World

“Thank you for your delivering your one-hour keynote ‘Rock Your Role’ for our quarterly event. I’m very happy that your session went really well! Your humour and liveliness appealed to many and it was a joy to have you speak. With our tagline including ‘Human Touch’, it’s so great that you stress the importance of the human touch in all your workshops and keynotes. We must have you back again soon.”

Eileen Lee, Senior Administrator, Sales & Marketing and Assistance Services, Asia, International

In our constantly changing, high-tech, A.I. world, most people feel pressed for time, pushed for results, and stressed to succeed. How are all these changes affecting you in today’s workplace? What does it all mean for your future?

Shirley will share how you can transform your work and your life by embracing not only our high-tech world, but also a high-touch, high-trust mindset. With some humorous and heart-warming stories, participants will see how, amid the fast-paced action of our workdays, there are numerous opportunities to impact someone’s life.

In this interactive, fun, and highly motivating session, Shirley will encourage everyone to embrace our ‘human difference’. Participants will leave inspired to reinvent themselves and really rock their roles in our ever-changing world.

Key points

  • Our ever-changing world
  • What impact is technology and A.I. having on you and your workplace?
  • What’s it to be? Reinvent or retire? Progress or regress?
  • How can you make a difference so you really rock your role?
  • The future of work – essential skills you need for the future
  • Shirley’s 5 keys to success in today’s high-tech world

A tiny taster from Shirley’s keynote
‘Rock Your Role In The Digital Workplace’

Here’s Shirley sharing step 3 of her 5 keys to success