Communication Skills and Building Relationships

Improve Your Listening Skills

If any communication to be complete and effective, of course the words you use (whether oral or written) need to be chosen carefully. But remember, communication is two-way – we've got to learn to be a good listener too! Without learning to be a good listener, you're unlikely to achieve understanding.


Intercultural Sensitivities

Many businesses today operate on a global scale, and our culturally diverse workforce is made up of people from different countries, ethnic backgrounds, races, religion and family structure. If you are to communicate effectively with all these different people, it is important to keep an open mind and try to learn as much as possible about their various cultures, and be sensitive to them.


Saying No At Work

Do you ever feel like your workload is full to the brim, that taking a break is not an option? Do you go home stressed, knowing that what you haven’t done today will have to be done tomorrow? Have you ever felt frustrated when your boss approaches you with yet another task on top of an already busy workload?


Your Ultimate Secret For Success

With the ever-increasing speed of technological change, we all need to stay up-to-date with new equipment and new computer programs. As soon as a new version of a popular program becomes available, we must learn it. When some new technology comes out, we have to have it. In line with technological developments, the way business is conducted generally has changed immensely over the last couple of decades.


Connecting In A Social Media World

In this era of Facebook, Twitter and email, crucial face-to-face communication skills have been lost or put aside indefinitely. There has been a sharp decline in face-to-face communication in favour of instant contact overload. Because of this, people are losing vital opportunities to connect and network.


Clash Of The Titans

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could all attend a personality analysis seminar? We could find out what personality type we are as well as the personality types of our co-workers, family, friends, and supervisors. We could learn the best way to interact with each and learn how to handle any personality conflicts that arise.

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