Personal Effectiveness

You Can Make A Difference Whatever Your Title

A week ago, I published my first article in my series of key insights from the Future Leaders Summit. This was an online event I hosted recently, in which thousands of attendees from around the world learned from 31 interviews that I conducted with bestselling authors and leadership experts.


Key Skills Needed In Our Age Of Automation

After being a speaker and corporate trainer for three decades, I recently ventured into the virtual world to host my first online event – the Future Leaders Summit. With 31 amazing guest speakers, the Summit attracted thousands of attendees from almost 100 different countries. And wow! I certainly learned a lot! And now I would love to share some of my key insights with you.


Focus On What You Are Good At

There are many pressures from society and family to be a certain version of successful. Usually this means wealthy or socially important, instead of healthy, happy and great at what you do. But doing things to make lots of money or for superficial social status will not lead to a fulfilling life.


7 Powerful Strategies For An Efficient Workplace

In any office environment, skilful organisation provides the strong foundations of any working day. If you work in a secretarial or administrative role, your employers expect you to manage not just your own workload efficiently, but also be familiar with the workload of the people around you.


Stand Out And Get Noticed At Work

Do you sometimes feel you struggle with the 'invisible' phenomenon? Do you feel you work hard but aren't really 'noticed'? Or perhaps you don't feel you get due credit? Or perhaps you feel taken for granted?


Seven Secrets Of Successful People

Everywhere you look on the Internet, you can see ideas for improving your life or achieving your goals. Regardless of what those goals are, it's likely they somehow relate to being more successful – at school, at home, and at work.

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