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Common Traits And Habits of Successful People

Part 3: Key Insights From The Future Leaders Summit

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In December, I started publishing some articles in my series of key insights from my inaugural virtual summit. The Future Leaders Summit was an online event in which I interviewed 31 international bestselling authors and leadership experts. Thousands of people attended the summit from around the world and they learned so much from all these highly successful people.

In today’s article, I share some key insights from my interview with Alinka Rutkowska, a USA Today best-selling author, a Wall Street Journal bestselling author and a top 100 Amazon best-selling author in business and money. Alinka is CEO of Leaders Press and has launched all its titles to bestseller status. Alinka loves to help individuals move forward by sharing stories from her interviews with successful entrepreneurs, so here we’ll focus on the common factors for success and the importance of daily habits.

6 Common Factors For Success

In conducting hundreds of interviews , Alinka found that the most successful people repeatedly mentioned the same six key success factors: Passion, Vision, Persistence, Adaptability, Customer-centeredness, and Relationships.

The Importance Of Passion

Above all else, Alinka feels that the most important factor is Passion, because without this it can be really difficult to keep going.

One of her favourite books is The One Thing by Gary Keller, in which he recommends that we should find the “one thing” we are most passionate about, and then focus on this instead of wasting time on other things.

If you don’t start with passion, you’re probably not going to make it. Passion is the foundation.

Successful People Have Daily Habits And Routines

In her latest book, Supreme Leadership, Alinka reports on interviews with CEOs who have 25 years of experience or more. Instead of looking at common traits for success, in this book she delves deeper into habits of these highly successful people.

Many people have researched this topic, and most would agree that the most successful people in life are very disciplined. They figure out which routines or habits help them succeed, and they religiously stick to them.

Habits are actionable behaviours that an aspiring entrepreneur, or anyone, can replicate.

One thing that a large number of successful people agree on is the benefit of starting their day with meditation. First thing in the morning is actually the most stressful, because our cortisol levels are at their highest. Meditating first thing in the morning can help to clear away any stress and focus your mind so you start the day in a calm place.

When you win the morning routine, that sets you up for success for the rest of the day.

I hope you enjoyed learning some of the key traits and habits of successful people. I would love you to share your thoughts:

What is one of your most important key success factors?

What is one of your daily habits that you would recommend to others?

Here’s to your success!


By the way, if you missed the Future Leaders Summit, good news! You can get your free 24-hour Summit pass right now.

PS: Here’s a testimonial from Karen Jacobson, about the Future Leaders Summit: “Working with Shirley Taylor throughout the Future Leaders Summit was an exceptional experience. Her commitment to excellence and attention to detail resulted in a program with great insights from amazing experts and these learnings will enhance careers and change lives internationally. Shirley is a speaker, author and trainer who walks her talk and has a deep passion for developing leaders. I recommend her without hesitation.”

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