Email Essentials

Is Your Email Sending The Right Message?

It seems that when we get to work, one of the first things we do is check our email. This seems an essential step in setting our pace for the rest of the day. However, even though email has become an integral part of most people's world, email messages can often be misinterpreted. Why is this?


Change Your Mindset To Manage The Email Overload

The most important first step to managing your email is to change your mindset. Rather than seeing it as a necessary evil that's inevitably going to harm your productivity each day, treat email as a powerful communication tool that can improve your productivity.


The Three Essential Es Of Email Etiquette

Email is fast becoming one of our most essential and pervasive forms of professional communication. How we communicate with people electronically matters. Each word of your email is your representative in a space where you have no voice and are rarely allowed a chance to change a bad first impression.


Don’t Harrass With Your Handheld

Email doesn't only come to our desks. Many of us now carry email around with us on our mobile phones. This often results in being on call 24 hours a day, every day, even on weekends. Apart from never being free from the demands of work, this also leads to many more challenges.

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