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Get To Grips With Stress At Work

Is your workplace filled with stress? Do you end the day feeling exhausted and upset, dreading going back tomorrow? Work stress is at an all time high, and alarmingly, it is only getting higher.

Stress happens when we feel overloaded and we find it difficult to cope. Prolonged stress has major negative effects on your body, mind and soul. It causes health issues such as cold/flu, and can lead to more serious issues like heart disease. Stress limits productivity, injures your livelihood and could even lead to depression. It goes without saying that it’s important to reduce the amount of stress in our lives. You are not helpless; here are some ways you can cope with stress:

  • Start your day off right with a healthy breakfast and the right attitude.
  • Give yourself lots of time to prepare in the morning so that you are not playing catch up the whole day.
  • Identify what causes you stress. Avoid theses things. If you cannot, use some coping strategies such as breathing or meditation. Be comfortable in your work environment: your clothing, chair, lighting.
  • Stay away from conflict. Don’t gossip, avoid sensitive topics and be politically correct. Do not associate with people who are problematic or negative.
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