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Have You Found The Right Balance?

Feeling overworked? Well, that’s probably because you are. And guess what? You’re not alone. In fact, 20 per cent of the employees in Singapore are clocking more than 11 hours a day. It’s more difficult than ever to maintain the right balance between work and home. It seems focusing on one means the other suffers, and it weighs on your conscience. So how to find the right balance for you?

What is right for others might not work for you. Concentrate on your own work requirements and life responsibilities. Your energy is not unlimited. Do not work yourself so hard that you burn out, pushing your other responsibilities aside. Save energy for both. It’s important to do things in your day that keep your spirits up. Having a positive attitude goes a long way but it is just the beginning. Here are 5 steps that can help you find your own life balance:

  1. Perhaps most importantly, leave work at work and personal problems at home. When you do this, no single problem haunts you all day.
  2. Learn to say no. If one task is pulling you away from the responsibility of another, try to force a balance.
  3. Drop activities that zap your energy. Our energy often gets zapped by procrastinating or overdoing tasks that we do not enjoy. If that’s the case, then delegate.
  4. Health and humour help at home and at work. Be sure to take care of yourself and try to laugh off the small things. Do not let yourself get too wound up.
  5. Finally, one thing everyone seems to be forgetting these days is create time for yourself. Hobbies, time with family, date night. To have a healthy home/work balance, you need to be happy with yourself.
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