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Tools For Personal Effectiveness

Look back to the last time you felt like you were truly effective. Did certain things help with your success? Did you use tools that helped your efficiency? How about a planner? Scheduling? Computer? It’s rare that we can become truly effective without some help.

Is it time you sorted out your personal effectiveness toolbox? Think about all the tools you use that have contributed to your success — things you use that are tried, tested and truly increase your success. They may be your computer, your phone, a day planner or whiteboard. To increase your personal effectiveness, recognise the tools that help you, and make sure that you always have them close at hand.

Here are a few key tips to keeping your toolbox up to date, functioning and reliable:

  1. Keep your computer well maintained. Clean out the hard drive of useless programs. It may be beneficial to increase your computer skills by taking a class.
  2. Delete or archive all documents and files you no longer need. Out with the old!
  3. Learn how to use Microsoft Office proficiently. You will most likely be using it every day. Do you not how to use all the shortcut key functions? They can save loads of time.
  4. Use a scheduler or day timer, either on your phone, computer or on paper, whatever works best for you. Relying on your memory is a recipe for disaster.
  5. Keep in the know about new technology that has worked for you in the past. Updating your tools for faster systems can greatly increase your efficiency.
  6. Purchase a good, sturdy, nice looking bag to carry all your tools in, so that you’ll always have them close when you need them.
  7. It is important to recognise, use and take care of the tools that help you to be successful.
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