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Using Positive Words To Get Positive Results

Presenting yourself as an optimist is a well-proven strategy of success.
This works in writing too.

Using positive words and positive phrases will enhance the tone and improve the effectiveness of your writing.

Into Practice

Check out how the positive tone improves these sentences:

Negative: If you do not return your form before 2 August, it will be too late for you to attend the conference.
Positive: Please return your form before 2 August to register for this conference.
Negative: We will not be able to supply you with the books unless your full delivery address is provided.
Positive: Please let us have your address so we can deliver the books.
Negative: Our shop closes at 10pm every day and all day on Sunday.
Positive: Our shop opens from 10am to 10pm from Monday to Saturday.
Negative: Purchases over $1,000 cannot be approved by anyone else except the Sales Manager.
Positive: The Sales Manager must approve purchases over $1,000.
Negative: This model is very popular, but it only does 35 miles per gallon.
Positive: This model is very popular, and it does 35 miles per gallon.
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